Here at Ryder Records we strive to provide a professional recording studio atmosphere with a comfortable feeling environment. We are located just off the Portland Tri-met Max, close to coffee shops and eateries. Our in house engineer Dustin “D Screet” Sortor has over 9 years of recording and mixing experience. D Screet has worked with many local and non-local artists in the Portland area. He is Pro Tools Certified and has his bachelors degree in recording arts. When it comes to getting your right sound D Screet will do everything it takes to make sure your next hit single or album stands above the competition and exceeds your expectations.


We offer many rate options based on your budget of your project and anticipated time of completion. With running the latest and most advanced software on the market combined with some of the top gear made we are sure we will find the right sound for your project. Be sure to check out our rates below to see what works with your budget for your project (all rates include the use of our in house engineer). Below is also a list of equipment kept in the studio (other equipment can be brought in if needed).


Equipment List

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